RosieRosie Green is an award winning freelance writer and one of the UK’s leading beauty journalists whose work has appeared in Red, Elle, Vogue, The Times and The Mail. She also writes engagingly on fashion and health and her uniquely witty, slice-of-life observations are showcased in the incredibly popular Red column, Life’s Rosie.

A hugely respected beauty and covers stylist she has collaborated with world renowned photographers, hair and make-up luminaries such as Tom Pecheux, Laura Mercier and James Brown and celebrities from SJP to Cameron Diaz via Liv Tyler and Elizabeth Hurley.

Rosie is also a sought after strategic and creative brand consultant whose fifteen year career in high profile editorial positions make her well placed to offer broad industry insight into the latest trends, innovations and influences to companies including Procter and Gamble, Elizabeth Arden and L’Oreal.

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